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Welcome to a completely redesigned As you can see it is a work in progress.

New Photos: You will soon find thousands of new photographs of vintage transistor radios, test equipment, HiFi and stereo equipment, HAM gear, crystal sets, NOS parts and even a few collectible computers.

Free Videos: There will be a series of free radio restoration videos to help you learn how to clean radios, repair cracks, troubleshoot and make them play again. Learn how to recap radios, fix common problems and more, even if you have never picked up a soldering iron before.

Service Documentation: I’ll be adding hundreds of schematics and additional service documents.

Links and Search Tools: I’ll be updating the links and am working on an amazing new search feature fine-tuned for radio collectors.

The Message Board: Last, but by no means least the message board has a new look. The popular posts from the past have been maintained. I hope you like the site update, and would love to hear your feedback. Enjoy the site and tell your friends.