Red Tea for Detox – How Good is it?

Recently, red tea has become rather popular for detox. In particular, hot Rooibos tea and Pu-Erh tea are said to accelerate fat loss. I’ve looked into it, and today, I have four simple tips for you to enhance the effect.

Tourists from all over the world make a pilgrimage to a Chinese tea shop in San Francisco. They come to Grant Avenue 1044 in the afternoon, where old Uncle Gee is standing in the shop to advise his customers.

What helps with insomnia, hangover, cold? The man knows a recipe for everything and has an answer to every question. Even the most common one: “Which tea makes me slim?” In his family there is a simple piece of advice handed down from generation to generation: “Drink the right tea, and you melt fat. Pu Erh helps best.”

Ancient Knowledge – Now Rediscovered

A French study showed that 85 percent of the test subjects who drank red tea reduced their weight without a diet. In Japan, researchers found out that Pu Erh is more effective than other teas and accelerates fat loss better.

How can tea even help you lose weight?

The material from the leaves dissolves in hot water and works in different places in the body:

  • The protein building block taurine stimulates the production of lean hormones.
  • Saponins (secondary plant substances) bind fats and ensure that they are quickly excreted.
  • Aroma oils slow the appetite.
  • Bittering agents stimulate digestion.

Pu Erh matures like wine

Pu Erh is something very special. It comes from ancient large tea trees in the Chinese province of Yunnan and receives special treatment. In some varieties (like Sheng), the leaves are steamed after harvesting and pressed into moulds. Then they look like a brick or a flat cake, can be stored well and mature years ahead of them. With each year the tea gets better and unfortunately also more expensive.

As with wine, the price is therefore explained by the vintages on the labels. With other varieties (Shu) the process of ripening is accelerated by a special treatment. This tea is cheaper and even more effective. Experts therefore recommend this variety for weight loss and fitness. Typical characteristic: The infusion of the dark brown leaves is red and clear.

Also good during pregnancy

One can say: whoever is pregnant may, of course, drink tea. Some completely harmless, but some in moderation. As much as you like, you can drink any kind of fruit tea and rooibos tea. These are particularly healthy, as they are rich in vitamins. A tip: Sea buckthorn tea ensures a high iron intake.

Since tea varieties such as black tea, green tea, and white tea contain caffeine, these varieties should be consumed in moderation. To keep the caffeine content low, the tea should not be allowed to infuse for too long. During pregnancy, two cups of these teas are safe to drink every day.

Teas should be taboo, which have a dehydrating effect. These include some herbal teas, such as nettle tea or birch leaf tea. The reason for this is that the kidneys have enough work, and you should also avoid loss of fluid. You should also refrain from using perfusion-enhancing teas such as sage tea or rosemary tea.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can get special pregnancy teas at the pharmacy.

Where can I find the tea?

Pu Erh is a speciality that is not available in every supermarket. But buying and ordering is no problem in tea or Asia shops and on the Internet. Red tea is also available in pressed forms. Breaking up is tedious. Buy loose leaves or tea bags.